Top 5 Museums in Paros Island Worth Visiting
Whatever you do, you should pay attention to the time of your travel. In the afternoon, the village gets overcrowded due to the spectacular sunset. So, you should keep that in mind and arrange for you to be there on time, in order to find a spot in one of the cafeterias or the restaurants with the perfect view to the wonder of nature that is about to occur.
If you are in Parikia, then you should first pay a visit to the Archaeological Museum. You will be lost for words after admiring the statue of the mermaid Gorgo, which is totally made of marble. Of course, all the findings are marvellous and therefore you will be intrigued to read through their descriptions and find out more about the past of both Paros and Antiparos. In the same location and specifically inside the church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani, you will be stunned by the rich collection of the Byzantine Museum. Astonishing elements of the past centuries related to religion are displayed and capture your attention.
Moving forward to Lefkes, you can enjoy the exhibits of the Folklore Art Museum. Textiles and embroideries, as well as objects that used to be found in every household in the past are housed there. Now, for something different but equally interesting to visit, there is the Sculpture Museum in Marpissa. This museum is dedicated to one of the prominent personalities of the island and a great sculptor, Nikos Perantinos. His work with marble and bronze can be found there and amaze you. Last but not least, there is the Wine Museum in Naoussa by Moraitis. Displaying the old tradition of vineyards and exceptional wine making techniques, this is a sight for sore eyes to all the travellers!