Dreamy Waters Attracting Travellers to Paros from Afar
Cyclades is a dreamy place for all travellers and especially during summer. There is nothing that can be compared to the awesome contrast of the deep blue sea and the white colour of the waves splashing gently on the shore. The same contrast prevails in the architecture of most of the Cycladic islands, Santorini included. It is magical how simplicity is the key element that makes the villages stand out among the rest of the world and inspiring all the people who happen to pass by. Whitewashed houses and other buildings along with blue windows and doors are beautifully perched on top of steep cliffs and infertile grounds.
The village of Oia follows the same pattern when it comes to its architecture. There are small and lovely houses built alongside a cliff and they overlook the caldera and the immense blue of the sky and the water. There are paths and streets that get tangled among these buildings and offer a way towards reaching them. The trees and the flowers are blooming and their vivid colours are the perfect contrast to the white and blue that predominate in the area. The village is quite tranquil and does not look anything like Fira, the main town of the island. If you are looking for a quiet place to spend your time and admire the superb view of the sunset or the volcanic archipelago, Oia is the ultimate destination for you. Surrender to its simple and yet distinctive character and enjoy peace of mind and unique specialties that are prepared with love and care by the local chefs.
The whole experience of yours with the village of Oia will be memorable. You will not only reminisce on the spectacular landscapes that you have come across, but also on the extraordinary architecture and the uniqueness of this romantic place on Earth!