Naoussa or Parikia: Where Should You Stay in Paros?
Have you been trying to come up with the best way to spend a whole day in the deep blue waters of the Aegean and explore the magnitude of wilderness from a comfortable spot? If you have been searching for the optimal experience in the water when you are in Santorini, this is definitely a daily cruise to the volcano. The best way for you to start your cruise would be from the village of Oia, where you can get on the ferry and head of to Thirassia. Of course, in order for you to get to the ferry, you will first need to climb down approximately 300 stairs for getting to the tiny harbour of Ammoudi.
You should wear your swimming suit and light clothes, as well as pack your bags with sun lotion and a hat, comfortable shoes or sandals and of course your sun glasses. Water is a brilliant idea as well, especially during summer time. You can ask for some light snacks to be offered to you on board, but generally this is not the ideal place to improvise concerning food and drink. The volcano is a breathtaking locale, which you will have the opportunity to explore up close. You can walk on the ashes of the past centuries and you can even see the crater and the pumice stones found all over the place. The view from the volcano is unrivalled and the sun is mirrored on the waters, making the whole scenery even more magical than it would be. You can also sail to the beach with the sulphur, so as to dive and benefit from its healing qualities. Everything in the island of Santorini is amazingly beautiful and unique, but this cruise is something that you will remember for the rest of your life.
After completing your cruise, you can climb back up to the picturesque village of Oia and have your coffee or grab something to eat, surrounded by one of the most spectacular little places in the island.
All Greek islands have got a rich tradition, when it comes to their nautical past and their accomplishments in this field. Santorini could not be the exception to this rule and this is why there are so many stories to be told about the locals who have developed a significant force in maritime. In Oia, you can have a look at some of the exhibits that prove such a rich history full of legends and great achievements. They are all found in the Nautical Museum (or else Maritime Museum) that is indeed an old mansion transformed into a museum for the needs of the people.