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Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and this is why it has been attracting the attention of travellers for a long time. If these travellers had to distinguish the most amazing locale in Santorini, it is true that most of them would pick Oia. What makes this village so loved among people who have visited, even once in their life? What makes this destination one of the most romantic locations in the world? Well, there is not one reason why Oia has been named one of the most treasured places in Santorini. It is the wider picture that makes the difference and offers the best experience in the whole island.
First of all, nobody can claim that he has admired the sunset in a more overwhelming manner than he did in Oia. It is a fact that Oia is the ultimate place for watching the sun going down and the sky being filled with orange, purple and violet shades. All tourists visit the village in the afternoon, trying to spot the best place for them to rest and enjoy the miracle that is about to happen. However, the sunset is not the only thing that makes Oia so picturesque. The architecture is traditional and the cobbled streets make it a great place for people to stroll up and down and enjoy the tranquillity and the freedom that prevails in the village. Along with that, local taverns and restaurants will offer you the chance to have a taste of the specialties of Santorini. The price rates are more than reasonable and there is nothing that can spoil the fun for you.
In Oia you will be able to taste the Greek hospitality and relish every moment you spend in a majestic place, which resembles a wonderful painting of the most talented artist who wanted to display beauty and innocence!